Thursday, March 6, 2008

North of Union project an excellent opportunity, should lead to creation of urban plan-says Saint John Board of Trade

The Saint John Board of Trade sees the development of the North side of Union Street as a tremendous opportunity for positive growth in our community.  The Board is encouraged by the ongoing community consultation process and looks forward to the report on the outcome.  It is important that this development reflect the needs of the City and that a timely decision is made.

“This development, if done correctly, could be the platform to spur future growth and investment.” said Nathalie Godbout, Chairperson of the Board of Trade.  “However, the recent debate has highlighted an inescapable factor regarding business development in Saint John:  the need for an updated urban plan. This community has the opportunity to design a comprehensive urban plan that will reflect our anticipated future needs, designate specific areas of the city for targeted growth, and promote further development for the entire city.  This plan would then be the roadmap for future development and identify opportunities to potential developers.” 

“Also important in this process is the need to monitor the cost of such development to the City, and to ensure that sufficient funds are available.” Ms. Godbout continued “Any plans for major development should also include a plan to protect residents and business owners from tax increases.  We are confident that City officials will keep this fiscal responsibility top of mind in their plans.”

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